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Entertainment & Nightlife in Algeria

Visitors who come to Algeria do not do so to enjoy a beach resort lifestyle. They do so to enjoy the unique culture, architecture and people. However, this does not mean that there is nothing entertaining to do in Algeria. Besides a number of outdoor activities, you may even find that the city or town you are staying in enjoys a fairly vibrant nightlife. The nightlife in Algeria may not be quite what you'd expect, but that does not mean that there is none at all.

If you are visiting a smaller city or town, you may well find that the various nightlife activities available cater mainly for men. Most often it involves getting to know the locals better over a cup of tea or coffee at the nearest cafe. However, after a little chatting you may well discover that there is a discotheque or bar in the vicinity. The majority of discotheques in Algeria are provided by the local hotels and are enjoyed by any number of local men and a variety of tourists who may be visiting at the time. Some of these discotheques are only open to those staying at the hotel as mixed dancing may be frowned upon by the locals. The discotheque may feature various live music groups or the night's entertainment may be provided in the form of a DJ who will usually provide music from about 8pm until well pass midnight.

Care should be taken by visitors, especially by women, attending such a nightclub in Algeria. Many Algeria men may view a woman dancing about wildly in scant clothing as being promiscuous or inviting sexual intimacy. This is not usually a problem if the club is open to hotel visitors only but in a mixed environment, you would usually do best to take note of that which is happening on your arrival. If women seem to be more withdrawn, it is usually an indication to stay out of the spotlight. Alcohol may be expensive and entrance fees for guests are high but usually include one or two drinks. Hotel-operated discotheques or nightclubs are the most common form of nightlife in Algeria.





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